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 Royal Plastic's manufacturing facility

Thank you for your interest in Royal Plastic Mfg., Inc, a leading manufacturer of advanced composites for the aviation, aerospace and defense industries.

Royal Plastic has been a specialty manufacturer of advanced composites since 1949.

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"We think composites!"

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Our Vision:

A national leader in design and manufacture of advanced composite structure. 


Royal specializes in composite fabrication for:

bulletFlexible and rigid Ducts (air, environmental, heated, insulated)
bulletCustom designed Hoses (flexible, large diameter, custom profiles) 
bulletCovers (antenna, access-with or w/o EMI shielding)
bulletFlexible seals and boots
bulletRadome and microwave products (composite antenna, fairings)
bulletInterior components and glare shields
bulletSandwich Panels (honeycomb, balsa, foam core)
bulletFilament winding (High performance tubular structures)

Royal utilizes the following processes:

bulletCNC machining
bulletHand lay-up
bulletFilament Winding
bulletAutoclave Molding
bulletPress Molding
bulletVacuum bag and oven cure
bulletRTM & VARTM
bulletRapid prototyping from CAD files to CNC output


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